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Our values are to be clear and honest about the work in our project proposal and implementation, with continuous feedback in a Rapid development process. We strive to offer project support after it is published, available for maintenance and enhancement.

Sudd Dongre, CTO/President of EyeConect Portal Services Inc. Established Spring of 2004. Alumni of University of Illinois - Chicago, BS with major in Information Engineering. Worked at many corporations, start-up's in my career. My interests are in creating portals which are useful to people, easy to use and represents state of the art web development practices. To help my clients grow and manifest their ideas and goals through software development. LinkedIn contact

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I want to highly recommend Sudd Dongre. He and I first started working together about 2007, shortly after both of us started our companies. He is a brilliant programmer, who’s work is both fast and utterly reliable. More than that, he has a great attitude, works well as part of team, freely suggests better ways to accomplish a task and is someone I can call on 7 days a week to fix problems. It has been my pleasure to work with him for the last 14 years - I can’t imagine running my company without his help. – Larry Jordan Larry Jordan & Associates Inc. 2 Reel Guys : LarryJordan.com : The Inside Tips
"Sudd's amazing. He's knowledgeable, creative, and responsive. And most importantly he's reasonably priced. I've worked with a number of developers and he's my "go to" guy". – Tom Crosthwaite Publisher Best New Bands