Live Streaming development and services

Design and develop live streaming portals

User Interface for live streaming content includes CDN deployment, tracking and securing access control

Projects with live streaming features

Here are some of the recent sites where my services of integration and site maintenance of streaming features was applied.

Past project with various custom extentions to Streaming abilities

When portals are subscriber based, it needs a way to private stream the vidos while non members can get trailer or promo version to view

Creating a Directory service of on-demand library

Design players to Support multiple broweser platforms to stream - Chrome, firefox, Safari, MS edge etc. And also on various devices.

Sometimes, there is need to convert video formats to support many quality of streaming.

The implementation of streaming software services on a web portal

Usually we integrate open source player plugins on Wordpress or Laravel CMS. Some implmentation required customizing these plugins. Design and organize Content Distribution Networks on platforms like AWS ( S3 and Cloudfront ), Google, Web Caching services like StackPath, Cloudflare etc.